Crazyland : Parenting three kids


If you have stumbled upon this site by accident, then you might have been searching for terms like ‘crazy mom’ ‘crazed mother’ ‘accidental parent’ or some such term on Google. Isn’t it? Or was it just my dazzling prose elsewhere on the interwebs that made you land here? Either ways, I can assure you that this website is all about my crazy experiences while parenting three kids.

And I have absolutely no shame in saying that. I have no shame in calling myself a crazy parent or calling out parenting for what it actually is : Madness. Because why else do human beings procreate? Honestly, I have not yet found a reason to why people would add disorder to their otherwise orderly (read mundane) lives. And I mean it in the best way possible. Life sans parenting can be pretty predictable. You wake up in the morning, go do your business and come home and sleep – or some variation of the routine.

And clearly, I am the champion of anti routine. I do not like predictability in my life. I shun boredom. I do not like peace. Or breathing. Or eating in peace. Or eating while breathing in peace. Or vice-versa. Or any of the three, in any order. You get the drift. I have three kids you see, so please forgive me if my sentence formation is a bit out of whack.

So, here we are. You and me. You clearly have kids( even if you’d like to pretend you don’t), you clearly love them (though you may not necessarily like them) and you like to waste you time on the world wide web (just like me!). And needless to say, I am happy that you have stumbled your way here. The more the merrier.

I assure and warn you that this blog (which is my one hundred and zillionth one by the way) will be raw, personal and with warts all out. There shall be no organic recipes and natural potty training solutions here, though there may be lot of organic potty jokes thrown in for good measure. If you are not scared of the stink, then do stick around. Say aye in the comments if you want to hear more about me and the three kids that I own Ouch! was that politically incorrect? Who cares!.