The Work from home dilemma – Part 1001!

I have written this before and I find myself writing about it again and again. Work from home is a dream on very weak stilts! Every parent who is forced into a 9-to-5 kind of scenario dreams of working from home. It is supposed to be the ultimate escape. The luxury of working in your pajamas while raking in mega bucks and sipping home brewn coffee…ahhh…well…gaaah!!!

If wishes were horses and if diapers could last longer than they could – we all would be working from home, innit? Here I am then, purportedly finding the perfect balance of work from home parenting. It is noon, I am still in my pajamas too – though not from lack of initiative to change. It is just that, right from the moment that I woke up(which was 5.30 am incidentally) I have been on call. Not on a phone call mind you. On a boob call (breastfeeding for the uninitiated), loo call (talking to preschooler who insists on describing the size and shape of every poop he makes), Where is my bow/sock/paper that was to be given in call (this is not the spouse but the preteen) and then of course there is the spouse who of course  cannot see the spectacle that is on his nose. Between making breakfast and instructing the third baby nurse in three days, somewhere I remember that I have not eaten breakfast.

To anyone reading this, it may appear like a normal busy day in any household with three kids. It is. But then I also happen to ‘work’ from home, remember? That was the whole blessed point. In theory, I have about 6 hours between school drop off and pick up of my son to work. An in my head, 6 hours is all one should dedicate to work in any case. But these 6 hours are beset with interruptions of the ringing doorbell kind. There is always someone who thinks that the ‘do not disturb’ sign is a howlarious joke!

And the more I speak to people who work from home, the more I realise that there certainly are some big pluses to working from a ‘office’ office. Because, the entire point in working from a workplace is to do work. Ha! ha! How genius. Jokes apart, I am now trying to find ways to make at least 4 out of the purported 6 hours of my work time more productive. Using headphones and airplane mode on the phone seem to be the most obvious. But the challenge with keeping the phone off the grid is every parent’s worst fear :”what if I miss a phone call from school?”

I need to find an app I guess. Hell, there’s an app for everything these days. I will certainly put that down on my to-do list. Just after I order the groceries that I have just been told, are running short at every corner of the kitchen pantry!

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