New Year Revolutions

Yep. I did a spell check on that. Actually not. I did mean revolutions and not resolutions. Gotcha!

And after that verbal smart assery, let me proceed to explain why I need a few revolutions in my life as a mother revolving around three kids. Ok, ok, I know the wordplay is getting tiresome. However, think about it, the centre of our lives is now our children. The whole way we perceive and process whatever it is that we do in our lives, takes into account their existence. Be it a hair appointment or a trip abroad – your child’s schedule/health/mood swings are the first thing you will be checking on. Ergo.

Coming back to my revolutions, please don’t laugh (Ok, one or two tiny sniggers and snorts can be overlooked):

i. Take the revolving door out of the house aka do more outdoor activities with the kids. 

Agreed that I had a new baby, did not have much help, had just moved countries – I really should not have sought refuge in the TV set to be a babysitter.

The last one year has been about – Disney channel! I swear on whichever little flying insect that is currently irritating my eardrum peace -if I hear one more jingle from D channel, I will kill the little critter. I mean the insect. Not the child, of course.

There are so many excuses that one can make for not going out of the house more. But they really have me falling flat on my face, or on my expanding backside as may be the case. Agreed that I had a new baby, did not have much help, had just moved countries – I really should not have sought refuge in the TV set to be a babysitter. I can be kind on myself for letting that happen to begin with. But now is surely the time to start making amends!

The big plan is to get the kids and myself bicycles. We live a ‘laked’ community if you please. Cycling around it should be good fun I reckon.

ii. Write everyday. More often. On more topics. In various styles.

If you think that the way I write this blog is the way I typically write, then you may actually be in for a surprise. I’m not sure, if it will be a good surprise or a bad one – but I do do some pretty banal and radical stuff too. And that is perhaps not a very modest way to describe myself, yet is nearer to the truth than what even I can imagine.

Indeed, if I do manage to do this it will be quite the personal revolution for me. I have been struggling with writing for years. I seem to find time/or not find it to do a million other things than do the one thing that I love. Yep, I am a writer who doesn’t write. Or hasn’t written as much as she could have. Should have.

And that’s it. Those are my two revolutions for 2018. That is probably the shortest list ever. One item less and it wouldn’t even have qualified as a list, haha! But, let me put it this way – these are two things that I really, really want to get going. They are very important for me to do. Achieving some success in both will really bring about a change in the way I live. In the way I engage with life. These two steps could seriously be the ones to bring about a revolution in my very ordinary life. Ah! You see. I can be philosophical too.

Now all I need to do is go and get the bikes!

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