Nidhi D Bruce


If you are wondering why my mugshot looks so smug – and does not include my kids, then you wondered quite right. I purportedly write about motherhood, but the focus on the kids is, well, not that much! This blog is more about me and my (mis)adventures as a person navigating motherhood. Also, I do feel a teensy bit uncomfortable documenting my kids’ lives on the world wide web. Embarrassing themselves in public is a task I think they can accomplish on their own.

If you have no idea of who I am then : A. I don’t blame you and B. I will nevertheless assist you in knowing me more : In the last ten years I’ve written more about parenting than what I honestly care to admit. You can find my gems of wisdom at the Huffington Post, Parentous, Child magazine, The Hindu, The Times of India, Women’s Web and within a Parenting book too! I also fancy myself to be a Speaker and Event facilitator – which I did with much aplomb in the last couple of years as the Founder Editor of (the now retired) mumbaimom.com. So, as you can see I have enough experience as a parent to – never claim to be an expert on parenting!

The kids and I landed in Dubai last summer and have been busy building sandcastles in the Desert! (Why is that not a thing, really?) This blog is therefore being written by someone who is starting all over again. In more ways than one. Oh! And the kids – I have three : aged 10, 4 and 7 months. As much as I hate to admit it – they are the main reason that I write and get out of bed/pajamas/netflix marathons. Which we all know, is not a bad thing at all!

Thank you so much for dropping by here and reading this blog. I hope that you like what you read around here. Do drop in a comment or a line to let me know if you liked or disliked anything. And if you would like to collaborate with me on anything – same instructions 😉 You can also connect with me on Instagram and Twitter : @typewritermom.